Winter Office Health Checklist!

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As we slowly move to return to work there are still many challenges and changes up ahead.

Due to the current climate and situation there has been a big shift in the way we conduct our businesses and this has affected the overall flow and needs as a consumer.

As we move to a world where remote working is common place and offices are streamlined to mean less movement between different areas and spaces, the need for efficacy and reliability increases.

Below we have created a checklist of considerations just for you! If any of these points below have you considering a change to your work place contact ITF Supplies for information on how we can assist TODAY! 

Return to Work Checklist – COVID19

  • Do you have enough printers in your work space? Workers crossing multiple floors or spaces within the same building not only effects productivity but also leads to an increased risk of social transmission of cold, flus and viruses.
  • As with printers, another device that may transfer from employee to employee are phones. Are there enough phones stationed at your business for the call volume you receive? Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade to digital phones to allow remote workers to access them?
  • Do your in-house workers have the ability to connect with those working remotely? ITF Supplies have multiple different device options in all price ranges to suit these needs. We can set you up with conference devices, interactive panels or simple webcam set ups for a single computer. We can also provide microphones, speakers and other IT peripherals you may require.
  • Have you considered social distancing in the work place? Perhaps you will need additional desks and chairs to ensure appropriate laws are complied with and employees are spaced 1.5m apart.
  • Do you have enough stock of hand sanitiser and other PPE in the office? 

Whether it be a new computer, new printer, consumables delivered to your door or even a full corporate solution, ITF Supplies is here to help with the knowledge and experience to help make your transition great. Give us a call today!

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