What Is Decentralisation Costing Your Business?

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Technology and times have changed. Have you?

In the last 5 years we have seen a huge shift in the way offices choose to operate.

At one point in time it made sense to consolidate all the printing needs of the office into one centralised copier but now with the huge shifts within the industry and the habits of companies changing this may no longer be the case. 

With more businesses than ever opting to have their staff work from home or in a controlled office setting, the need for smaller devices has become paramount to the everyday functioning of the business. 

Gone are the days of shared surfaces and work areas! 

The list of benefits for decentralisation are long but overall the biggest win back is of course, cost! 

To reiterate this point, Epson released a study focusing on the cost of just “20 steps a day”. 

Do you really know what decentralisation is costing you?

While 20 steps may not sound like much, printing 10 jobs a day equals approximately one hour a week in lost productivity as a cost to your business. If your business has 25 or more employees this could be up to $1,250 a week meaning an annual loss of $60,000. All this from 20 simple steps! 

You can avoid this by optimizing your office settings - Check out our list below that highlights WHY decentralisation is so important. 

  • Decentralising your copier with a blended solution of copiers & desktop devices not only offers increased productivity but also allows for built-in redundancy. If your copier is out of toner, being used for a larger job or simply not working, you still have access to local desktop devices at arm's length. Doing this means you can rely on more up time, limit employee movement throughout the office maintaining a high COVID protocol and lessen the stress on staff members.
  • Larger copiers often come with high level security features like pin codes or card authentication that are important within many businesses, the great news is that most new desktop devices now have these same features. Plus, being positioned less than 20 steps away affords you even more document privacy! 
  • Desktop printers are now small investments making it a small price for a very big return! Small inkjets and lasers are more affordable than ever and the time saved in productivity gives a big chunk back to the business. 
  • Effective workflow solutions for your print and copy process are essential. Optimizing this will allow better service with less energy for not only your staff but customers alike.

To discuss how Maxitech can help you improve your workflow solutions with copiers, stand alone printers and scanners plus much more, contact us TODAY!

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