What A Bargain Can Really Mean!

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Ever bought a printer for a bargain price only to realise you’ll be spending more than the printer's initial price just to replace the toners or ink? 

Well, you aren’t alone!

Many people fall into the trap of opting for a budget machine because of an appealing price tag that ends up costing them more in the long run. 

Here are a couple points to be aware of when you are looking at purchasing a new device. 

1. Drum Units 

The drum unit is an electrically charged cylinder that transfers toner powder to paper to create text and images. Both of these components are essential for producing a print. 

Some manufacturers on the market include a longlife drum that can do up to 300k prints built directly into the printer and therefore is encompassed in the initial purchase price. Other manufacturers however, may require drums to be regularly purchased as an additional consumable (and cost). Other manufacturers devices don’t require the drum to be purchased, however it is included within the toner, hence being a more costly outlay for replacement toners each time you need a new set.

 2. Underestimating Print Volume 

 Whilst higher yielding machines and toners generally have a larger outlay cost they also generally offer great cost per print, especially in mono printing. 

If you underestimate how much printing you’re doing you’ll be left replacing toners more often then required. If your printer is a laser printer you’ll also be going through additional drums due to replacing toners so frequently.. All in all an expensive venture.

3. Cost of Consumables

The cost of toners can really be an indication of the type of machine you are purchasing. While some manufacturers don't require the purchasing of drums at all as the machine you purchase will include a long life drum, others will simply place new drums in each toner and increase the price meaning you pay more each time you replace the toner. 

Make sure when you are getting a quote for your next device that you also get the cost of all the consumables that go along with your machine so you can make an informed decision. 


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