Compatible Epson ERC 30/34/38 Black Ribbon

Compatible Epson ERC 30/34/38 Black Ribbon

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The Epson ERC 30/34/38 Printer Ribbon is a common ribbon for kitchen printers. This ribbon is compatible with any printer requiring an ERC30, ERC34 or ERC38 printer ribbon. Also available in Black/Red, & Black 10 Pack.

Colour: Black

OEM Code: ERC-303438B, C43S015374

Brand: Generic

This printer ribbon is suitable for the following printers and more:

  • Epson - ERC30, ERC34, ERC38, ITU200D,  270, 300D,  M133A,  M17-JB,  M188B, M119, M119B, M119D, M270, M280, M52-JB, TM-267 II, TM-270, TM-300A, TM-300C, TM-300D, TM-U200B, TM-U200D, TM-U210A, TM-U210AR, TM-U210B, TM-U220 (M118b), TM-U220A, TM-U220B, TM-U220D, TM-U230, TM-U300, TMU-300A, TM-U300B, TM-U300C, TM-U300D, TM-U325, TM-U370, TM-U375
  • Gravity - BTP-M300
  • Micros - 1200W, 1300W MAIN, 1320W MAIN, 1370W MAIN, 1390W MAIN, 1700 MAIN, 2415W MAIN, 2700, 400-344 MAIN, 4000W, 4300-395 MAIN, TM-300D, TM-U200B, TM-U200D, TM-U210B, TM-U300, TM-U325, TM-U370, TM-U375
  • Panasonic - JS-7000 MAIN, JS-7500 REMOTE, JS-8000 REMOTE, JS-9000, PM300, PM308
  • Samsung - SRP270
  • Sharp - ER2975, ER3210, ERA750

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Very good service. Will definitely use it again