Compatible Brother TZe 221 Black on White Tape

Compatible Brother TZe 221 Black on White Tape

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Compatible Brother TZe-221 laminated tape black text on white tape.

Brand: Generic

OEM Code: TZe221

Colour: Black Text on White Tape

  • 9mm x 8m

Compatible with the following:

  • Brother -PT1000, PT1010, PT1090, PT1100, PT1180, PT1200, PT1230PC, PT1280, PT1280DT, PT1290, PT1400, PT1650, PT1750, PT1830, PT1830SP, PT1880, PT1950, PT2030, PT2100, PT2300, PT2400, PT2420PC, PT2430PC, PT2700, PT2730, PT3600, PT540, PT580C, PT7100VP, PT7600, PT900, PT9200DX, PT9200PC, PT9500PC, PT9600, PT9700PC, PT9800PC, PT9800PCN, PTD200, PTD210, PTD400, PTD450, PTD600, PTD800W, PTE100VP, PTE110VP, PTE300VP, PTE550WVP, PTH105, PTH110, PTH300LI, PTP300BT, PTP700, PTP710BT, PTP750W, PTP900W, PTP950NW

SKU: TZe221

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